Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek

Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek

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The Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek Bit, crafted from high-quality TPU, redefines bit design with its unique blend of flexibility, durability, and comfort. 

Featuring a distinctive rubber block mouthpiece and a full cheek piece, the Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek Bit expertly balances between the gentleness of a snaffle and the precision of a twist bit. The full cheek piece enhances lateral control and prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth or sliding through the horse's mouth, making it ideal for steering and guiding. The design’s expansive surface area significantly minimizes the horse's tendency to fix or lean, encouraging a more balanced and responsive engagement. This reduction in leaning on the forehand is crucial for riders aiming to enhance their horse’s posture and performance.

The mouthpiece's tapered structure, with blocks that gradually decrease in size, ensures additional tongue space, alleviating pressure and increasing the horse's comfort and bit acceptance. Central to the bit's design is a bendable wire, allowing for full customization to the unique contours of the horse's mouth. This feature ensures an optimal fit, as the bit can be shaped and reshaped to meet individual needs, remaining in the desired form until further adjustments are made.

The Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek Bit is a game-changer for riders seeking to improve communication and control. Its innovative design makes it an excellent choice for preventing fixing and leaning, suitable for various horses and disciplines. The inclusion of a full cheek piece significantly enhances lateral directionality and control, making it a versatile tool in the rider's arsenal. Embrace the future of equestrian equipment with the Rubber Block Morph Full Cheek Bit, where adaptability meets performance.

  • Material: TPU
  • Mouth Thickness: 16mm

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