Ronzal de Piel
Ronzal de Piel
Ronzal de Piel
Ronzal de Piel

Ronzal de Piel

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Lead black 2m

Presentation Lead

Our Presentation Lead is 2m long and is made out of Soft Rubber. This makes the lead very strong yet flexible - even in cold weather - and pleasant to handle. The Presentation Lead doesn’t stretch out, is anti-slip and very easy to maintain as it is water-resistant. It is at your convenience to engrave the plate that can be turned over. Thanks to its many qualities, the Presentation Lead is a nice and cheap alternative for the expensive leather presentation leads.

- Soft Rubber: very strong, flexible and comfortable use
- Doesn’t stretch and anti-slip
- Easy maintenance, doesn’t absorb any moisture or dirt
- Cheap alternative for leather presentation leads

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