Jimmy Williams Twisted Elevator Bit

Jimmy Williams Twisted Elevator Bit

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The Jimmy Williams Twisted Elevator Bit seamlessly combines the dynamic leverage of traditional elevator bit with the nuanced responsiveness of a twisted mouthpiece. Recognized for its unique design, this bit has elongated cheekpieces boasting multiple rein attachment rings. The top ring connects to the bridle cheekpiece, while the lower rings offer rein attachment options, allowing for increased levels of leverage and control. The twisted mouthpiece, a standout feature, provides added control, ensuring that strong horses receive clearer and more effective cues from their riders. When the reins are applied, the bit delivers pressure on both the bars of the mouth and the horse’s poll, with the twisted design further enhancing the communication. Named in honor of the equestrian legend, Jimmy Williams, this bit has been hailed for its superior control in disciplines demanding precision, like show jumping and cross-country. However, its combination of leverage and mouthpiece design means it should be used by experienced riders, ensuring the horse’s comfort and effective rider-horse communication.

  • Mouth Size: 135mm
  • Material:  Stainless Steel

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