Copper Roller Waterford Nelson Gag Bit

Copper Roller Waterford Nelson Gag Bit

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The Copper Roller Waterford Nelson Gag is designed to enhance your horse's comfort and responsiveness while providing you with optimal control.

Crafted with precision, the Waterford mouthpiece consists of a series of ball chain links that offer remarkable flexibility in all directions. This unique design allows the bit to mold seamlessly around your horse's mouth, making it suitable for various mouth conformations, including horses with larger tongues.

The moveable links of the Waterford encourage your horse to gently mouth the bit and relax their jaw. To enhance this effect, we've incorporated copper rollers into the bit. Copper is a material that many horses enjoy due to its appealing taste, and it naturally promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit, leading to a more comfortable and relaxed horse. 

The Copper Roller Waterford Nelson Gag proves to be an invaluable tool for horses that tend to set their jaw, lean on the bit, or take a strong hold. The absence of rigid components means your horse won't have anything to take ahold of, granting you extra control while maintaining your horse's comfort.

Nelson cheeks are designed to reinforce the turning aid and reduce the chance of rubbing. The two rein option will allow the rider to have varying degrees of control and be able to differentiate between the snaffle rein and the running cheek rein that provides poll pressure. 

  • Material: Stainless Steel and Copper
  • Size: 135mm
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 18mm

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