Copper Eggbutt Pelham

Copper Eggbutt Pelham

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The Copper Eggbutt Pelham is an innovative bit, ingeniously merging the design attributes of the Eggbutt Snaffle and the traditional Pelham. The Eggbutt component, characterized by its distinctive oval-shaped ring, offers a stable, fixed point, minimizing the potential for pinching the horse’s lips and ensuring consistent, direct communication with the rider. On the other hand, the Pelham’s design brings versatility with its shank, accommodating two sets of reins. The direct rein offers snaffle-like action, while the second rein, attached at the shank’s bottom, introduces leverage. This dual-rein system exerts pressure both directly and through leverage, acting on the horse’s poll and chin groove when the curb rein is engaged. By integrating these designs, the Cooper Eggbutt Pelham provides horses with the comfort of the eggbutt and the adaptability of the Pelham, making it an ideal choice for disciplines requiring varied control or training outcomes. As with all leverage bits, it’s essential for riders to exercise understanding and gentle hands to prioritize the horse’s comfort and well-being.

  • Mouth Size: 135mm
  • Material: Copper

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