B Vertigo Aluminum Safety Magnetic Stirrups
B Vertigo Aluminum Safety Magnetic Stirrups

B Vertigo Aluminum Safety Magnetic Stirrups

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    • Magnetic-Closing Safety Stirrups - The quick-release mechanism uses magnets to stay securely closed unless pressure is applied so that your feet will be released in the event of a fall from the saddle.
    • Extra Wide Anti-Slip Footrest - The extra surface area and anti-slip surface gives you all the traction you need to maintain control and finesse while you're riding.
    • Lightweight Aluminum - Made entirely of aluminum, these high quality stirrups are light enough to allow for easy movement and maneuvarability.
    • Durable and Long-Lasting - A secure, sturdy construction will increase your confidence with its rock-solid stability. Perfect for jumping or trail riding, these can withstand rough rides with ease!
    • Stylish Stirrup Set For You - Sold in pairs, these stirrups come in a number of attractive color options so you can suit your and your horse's styles best!

    These safety stirrups offer style for every ride.

    We are proud to present new, high-quality B Vertigo safety stirrups. Ultra lightweight stirrups made from aluminum are the perfect option for every rider. The magnetic closing opens up when pressure is applied. Designed with an anti-slip foot rest for extra security, these will ensure you ride in safety. Available in different colors to match your style and horse tack.

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