Vulcanite Port Kimberwick Bit

Vulcanite Port Kimberwick Bit

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The Vulcanite Port Kimberwick Bit, crafted with a vulcanized rubber composition also known as Bakelite is reinforced with a steel core and combines durability and comfort. This bit's design is particularly beneficial for horses requiring a gentle but effective bit.

Featuring a ported mouthpiece, the Vulcanite Port Kimberwick Bit provides ample tongue space, reducing pressure on the horse's mouth and making it a suitable choice for horses with less room in their mouths or those prone to discomfort with more traditional bits. The port design is especially helpful in promoting relaxation and acceptance of the bit.

The vulcanized rubber material, known for its enhanced strength due to the vulcanization process, offers resilience essential for the bit's durability. The inclusion of a steel core within this vulcanized rubber framework is critical for ensuring the bit's integrity.

A notable advantage of the Vulcanite material is its ability to maintain a consistent temperature, unlike standard rubber bits that can become uncomfortably warm in horses with drier mouths. This feature ensures the bit remains comfortable for the horse throughout its use, avoiding any potential discomfort or rubbing on the tongue.

  • Material: Vulcanite (Bakelite)
  • Mouth Thickness: 18mm

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