Tier Drop Wilson with Copper French Link

Tier Drop Wilson with Copper French Link

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This bit features four loose rings; two attached to each end of the mouthpiece and two additional rings on the inside.  The cheek pieces of the bridle are attached to the inside rings while the reins are attached to the outside rings.  This design works with a squeezing action on the cheeks. This bit is a traditional hunter style bit that has been recreated into a Wilson Snaffle. The bit features a German Silver tear drop shape on the bars a copper plate in the center. The design is lightweight and crafted to sit ideally in the horse’s mouth. It discourages the horse from leaning on the forehand which allows the rider to maintain a constant supple feeling in the mouth. The long cheek pieces assist the rider to better turn and direct the horse.

  • Material: German Silver and Copper
  • Size: 135mm
  • Mouth Thickness: 6mm


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