Hard Rubber Medium Port Nelson Gag

Hard Rubber Medium Port Nelson Gag

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  • The Hard Rubber Medium Port Nelson Gag bit is an expertly crafted piece of equestrian equipment. Constructed from hard rubber, it ensures a gentler and more comfortable contact with the horse's mouth. Its medium port design facilitates clear signals and ample tongue relief, promoting unhindered communication. The inclusion of the Nelson Gag mechanism not only offers riders subtle lift and control but also enhances the bit's effectiveness in aiding precise turns and directional cues. By allowing for both vertical responsiveness and lateral guidance, it becomes an invaluable tool for riders who prioritize clear communication, especially during maneuvers that require turning. The Hard Rubber Medium Port Nelson Gag seamlessly combines comfort, precision, and turning efficacy, marking it as a standout choice for riders aiming to elevate their training and riding techniques.

    • Mouth Size 135mm
    • Material : Vulcanized Rubber
    • Mouth Thickness: 20mm 

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