Ashlee Bond X AJR Leather Hinge Elevator Bit

Ashlee Bond X AJR Leather Hinge Elevator Bit

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Designed in collaboration with Israeli Olympic show jumping rider, Ashlee Bond, the leather covered hinge elevator bit is one of a kind. Unlike traditional jointed bits, the innovative hinge mechanism in this bit offers enhanced mobility and responsiveness. The hinge allows for independent movement of the two mouthpiece sections, providing clearer and more precise signals to your horse. Compared to a jointed bit, the hinge reduces the nutcracker effect and minimizes the risk of pinching the tongue or cheeks. This bit is suitable for horses with a low palate. The twisted mouthpiece adds an extra level of control, making it an excellent choice for horses that tend to be strong.

The bit's core is constructed from a thin stainless steel wire which is then reinforced with nylon.  Leather is then hand stitched using a technique to keep the stitching non abrasive. As the horse produces saliva, it naturally softens the leather bit, providing a more comfortable experience. The combination of the bit's flexible mechanism and the appealing taste of leather makes it particularly well-suited for horses with sensitive mouths. It is also crucial to ensure that the stitching faces outward, towards the mouth opening, to prevent any potential discomfort.

  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 135mm
  • Mouthpiece Thickness: 16mm

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